Touch Event For Left Side Screen & Right Side of Screen?

I am curious if anyone knows how to setup touch events for left side of screen and right of screen?

Is there a function… or do I need to setup a hit box somehow.

I’ve been wondering this myself too. Please anyone?

Well better late than never right? I just had to figure this out for my prototype. It reacts to first finger touches on the bottom 1/3 of the screen, so you’d just want to instead check the x/width ratio for left/right touches.

Hey thanks for updating this post! I’ll try this and write here the result. Indeed better late than never:)

Oh man, thanks a lot!!! You saved me so much kkkk. Thanks Furroy!

what is the - -

This might be helpful for this question.

Unreal Engine Touch Screen Tutorial: Only Right-Side Touch Screen Interface for Mobile - YouTube