Touch controls

in the picture you can see a simple setup

Note: You have to enable “Use mouse for touch” in your project settings

Hello. I have no experience whatsoever with mobile game creation and I would like to know when and where the screen is touched (the solution should be screen-size independent). How do I approach this issue?

Thank you, looks like it is going to work. Could you supply me with the C++ version of this, as my project is C++ based and moving values from blueprint to C++ will not be fun at my skill level? Reply your answer under here, if no I’ll just mark this question as solved.

no sorry, im not familiar with C++.
Maybe you should ask the same question in an other category, cause you published your question in “Blueprint scripting” and not “C++ programming”. :slight_smile:

I must have done it by mistake. Anyways, I figured it out! Thanks for help!