Touch Buttons

Hello , I have Problem, I tried creating HUD(using UMG tutorials) for touch buttons and tried using them in the way below in screenshots… I am stuck at this point since 2 days …

I have created Object Reference of PhysicsBallBp(BluePrint Pawn class) in HUD(Widget Blueprint Class)
then i use its event to be executed.

while debugging , HUD was clearly calling the event OnLeftPressed , but in BALL class it was not being received

i dont know where i am doing wrong… kindly help

I have made up the following blueprint from other FORUM post named TouchButton.

Hello atharstar,

At first glance it looks as though you will need to get a reference to the ball and cast to it within the loop. I have provided an example below. I hope that this information helps.


Here I have created a widget that cast to the ball every .01 seconds that the button in held down.

Here is the custom event that is being called in the blueprint above. You would simply replace the print string with the logic for moving ball.


Make it a great day


You sir are really Awesome, it really worked… Thank you.

Hello I can see you are using Widget blueprint, so I wonder if are you using the element buton to can to use the touch input? could give more information about that?

thanks in advance.