Touch Build and Inventory

Touch Build and Inventory

The build and inventory system is fully dynamic to be very easy to add new items.

Video Preview:


• Build and demolish
• Inventory System
• Craft System
• Pick up, Drop, Use, Split, Stack, Move, Take All, Equip
• Dynamic Storage System
• Dynamic Bag System
• Dynamic System to generate items

Technical Details:

Items included (35):

• Resources: Wood, Stone, Pine Plank, Leather, Metal, Metal Ingot
• Consumables: Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, Blueberry, Redberry, BlueTea, RedTea, Canteen Full, Canteen Empty
• Structures: Campfire, Forge, Cooking Pot, Woodworking, RainCatcher, Small Storage, Medium Storage, Large Storage, Wooden Foundation, Wooden Wall, Wooden Door
• Equipments: Blue Bag, Green Bag, Red Bag
• Weapons: Green Stick, Red Stick, Blue Stick
• Armors: Leather hat, Leather Shirt, Leather Pants, Leather Shoes

  • 9 items in the tutorials (Flint, Carrot, Carrot Seed, Crop Plot, Hatchet, Vault, Stone Foundation, Yellow Bag, Yellow Shirt).

• Number of Blueprints: 85
• Number of Widgets: 29
• Number of Meshes: 24
• Number of Textures: 87
• Number of Master Materials: 33
• Number of Material Instances: 5

• Input Mappings: Mouse, Keyboard, Touch
• Network Replicated: No

• Important/Additional Notes: All meshes and materials are simplified to illustrate.

• Intended Platform: Windows, Android, IOS
• Platforms tested: Windows, Android

• Documentation: Yes, here
• Videos tutorials on how to add new items (read the documentation first): here


• Report a bug: here

Patch Notes:

Version: 1.0

  • Initial release

Does it save progress or no?

Not in this version.

Are you planning on adding it soon? if so when?

Yes, all my assets will be updated with new functionality being requested. but this will be done according to my free time. so I can not give you a date now.

How would i go about adding melee attacks?

Any new updates?

When is there a update coming?