Touch and dragging beyond screen bounds ignores Released call, bug?

I have a touch and drag input. If you touch and drag beyond the bounds of the touch screen, it does not act as though InputTouch has been Released. Instead it remains Pressed. In order to get the Released to fire, you have to tap the screen again!

Maybe this is just a bug, I don’t want to have to do resolution checks and always cause the very edge of the touch screen to fire “Released” (unless that is standard practice). That seems like it could frustrate the user. Is there a better way to fix this? Is this just a bug?

This is occurring on my Android touchscreen device (Nexus 7) and Mobile Preview.

I seem to have been able to resolve this using an End Input Touch and End Touch Leave event to also trigger the same event that I had the Released triggering. It’s not perfect so if this is actually just a bug and can be fixed, that would be great news. Otherwise, I seem to have a functional workaround but I have only tested it on the one device.