totaly new, can't seem to change anything in digital human project.

I downloaded the digital human example. I am totally new to UE and have only gone through a basic tutorial. I wanted to just play with the materials but for some reason none of my changes do anything. For example, just connecting a bright blue color into the skin base color doesn’t change the skin color. Or changing root and tip colors on eyebrow or eyelash hairs seem to have no effect. When I make a change I see a progress bar saying it’s compiling but back in the scene it looks the same. The only thing that seemed to do anything is changing stuff in the eyeballs like pupil size. Is there some basic switch or hotkey I’m supposed to hit to commit changes to the skin & hair shaders? sorry if this is a stupid question!


There is an “Apply” button in the Material Editor toolbar to apply the changes you’ve made.

If you simply override “M_Head”'s Base Color with blue, and click “Apply”, then he turns into a Smurf in the scene.