Totally new to Game dev

Hey and good morning!

I have in a very long time always wanted to make games, but had the resources or the understanding how to start. When I saw Unreal Engine went free, the old ideas of mine came back and I started to work out some concept on paper. First thing I always wanted to make is a game based on the Mafia party card game.

I have started to model some Card designs in Maya, and textures I want to use. The problem I have, is where to start on the Unreal Engine. I have seen some tutorials and I felt I should start with the Main Menu. Here I think I would like 3-5 buttons.

Tutorial (Going through the basics against a bot)
New Game (Always multiplayer)
Customize (Customize cards, levels, events etc)
Settings (not sure how necessarily this is)
Exit (Exits game)

And as a background I want some buildings with a scaffold in front (all bit blurred out so the buttons doesn’t meld with the background)

You think is a great way to start? With the main menu and then making the other scenes after this?

Or if someone out there knows about any good tutorials for I would be very greatful :smiley:

I would honestly start with prototyping the gameplay first. Don’t even sweat the graphics or appearance too much until the gameplay is working how you want it.

I think there are even some card-based examples in the learning tab on the launcher.