Totally delete my profile.

Hello! What i need to do to delete all my profile with all data? I found article at support forum about it, but all it has - “Contact us”? What email i need to write to? Or what ticket and where i need to create?

I have the same issue and came here specifically looking for assistance with it.

Epic has various contact & support pages but they lead the user in an endless loop or dump you onto a Fortnite support page. Details below: redirects to

Clicking on “Epic Account” brings the user to
If not logged in this just asks the user to login.
If logged in, this just takes you to a user account control panel.
The “Need Help?” link on this page links to

This article has the topic “How can I disable my Epic account?”, hosted here:

This just says you need to verify your account, and then “Contact us for next steps.”
It gives no way to actually “contact us”.

The “Contact Epic Games” page found here:
Has an “Epic Games support” link, but it just goes back to (see above, we’re now in a loop).

There’s also this Unreal Engine “Contact Epic Games” page:
Every one of the “Submit Form” links on that page drops the user into
This is a Fortnite support form.

Every week for a while now, on Friday like clockwork I get an email from Epic saying someone attempted to login to my Unreal account and I need to secure it. It seems like the email address I used to create the account is now on some sort of automated brute force attack list, since I personally am not using the account and find the regularity of the security alerts to be suspicious.

I created the account because I was interested in developing using the Unreal Engine, but I haven’t done anything with it in a long time and would like to just close out my account. Leaving old user accounts open for no reason is generally not a great idea from an infosec standpoint, since it potentially opens the user up to attack (which I appear to currently be under) and, if the account is successfully compromised, a breach of personally identifying info and potentially more problems. I really don’t want to deal with any of this stuff and I’m a bit disappointed with the above-documented state of Epic’s various web portals and the lack of any simple way for the end user to address this issue.