Totally Confused

Hey guys. First of all, i’ve made my map but im clueless as to what to do next. do i make the cinematics? the characters? the guns? idk what to do but i could use some help. thank you.

I think you get more proper hints on forums. Try making basic prototype maybe and plan out what you doing

i’d say the first thing you need to do is plan what you need to do, write up everything about your game, make diagrams and after you’ve documented what you’re going to do you can divide your goals in sub goals, it would be like doing a checklist, example:

Create character:
create model->
rig model->
create animations->
import to unreal and put code

create gun:
create model->
create gun code->
create projectile code->

somethings don’t have exactly an orden to follow, maybe you can create the gun and the character at the same time, but you can’t create animations before rigging, you need to separate what can be done in parallel and what have a pre-requisite.

Thanks man! i was confused as to what the steps were but this got me started.