Totally bad FBX import failure - pelvis bone does not animate

When I import my Mixamo animations into UE4 (the Mannequin selected as “Skeleton” and “Import Mesh” unchecked) the whole body seems to be pinned at the pelvis of that mannequin.
This is caused by the pelvis bone not being actually animated but rather the whole transform of the armature (skeleton) is animated by default.

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So my question is how to translate these transform animations to the actual pelvis bone. Or is there a workaround like importing the transform animations too?

Please help me.

Did you ever fix it because I am having the same exact problem where everything is animating expect for the pelvis part?

Never too late, I was searching for a solution and all of the questions that have been asked about this subject stayed unanswered. So here is the solution : You need to show the retargeting options and set the pelvis in “Animation” mode. Mine was set to “Skeleton” mode before.

Hi, I had this issue where the pelvis wasn’t moving and I came to your youtube fix video. I followed your instructions but I came to the realization that that wasn’t the fix for my current problem.

When investigating more closely I realized that the pelvis bone from the mixamo animation was animating correctly, however it wasn’t realy changing any values in the attributes pannel in maya.

I wondered? where did these animation instructions come from? where they inherited?

That’s when I came to a different fix. Grabbing the pelvis bone in maya and making sure that inherit transforms was off. Then importing it in unreal and it worked for me