Total noob question!

Hi there im doing some tutorials. i made the one in wich a light activates when you enter the room. Its working fine, but…

The thing is, when the light is deactivated (im out of the trigger box), the room has a red colour (the light is red), and my 3d character receives reflections from it. But… if the light is not visible!
The light blueprint is toggling on/off the visible checkbox under rendering attributes.

Why is this happening?
In the screenshot im outside the triggerbox, the light is off. I already built lighting.

There are three types of light - Static (baked light), Stationary (semi baked/dynamical shadows) and Movable light (full dynamic light). In your case you have baked a static light (I am just assuming here) and because the lights is baked aka the light you see now is under form of texture. Thats why when you turn off the light the baked texture is still there and nothing changes. You need stationary or movable light (dont forget to build the light again when you change the type of the light). You can change this under details tab of your light. Light Mobility | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you Nastex! That was it. The light was Stationary… and it had the problem. Changing it to Movable fixed it…

Again, thank you a lot!!!