Total noob here- I need some help animating a sci-fi door

As the title says, I haven’t done any anim in UE4 previous to this. The door in question has pistons on either side which I would like to slide back one-by-one before the door opens, sort of like a bolt door.


I have it all set up in Maya, so my first question is how should I import it into UE4- Should I group them, save as fbx. and import? Because I have found that when I do that I don’t know hot to select the individual pieces again, so I assume when you export a group of meshes as fbx. it merges them into one mesh?


I looked up a Maya rigging tutorial for doors and windows that went through how to lock parameters and set a limit of movement, whether that matters if I’m doing the animation in UE4 I’m not sure.

Any advice or tutorial links would be greatly appreciated,


Just giving an update on progress, I have keyed the animations in Maya and baked the key frames.


I then exported them as a 2016 version fbx. and brought it into UE4, but I have found that only the main door frame animation works and none of the piston animations work.

4f7107ec3530a9ceabdfc5c23387cf4b810b1082.jpeg 5d72fc14a677aeb0af39e5e41931c10ace6c210e.jpeg

Did you export the whole door including the pistons as one animation?

My guess, based on what I’m reading and seeing in the screenshots above, is that it looks like you’re exporting each piston and the doors as separate skeletal meshes, when it would be easier to be treating the whole thing as a single skeletal mesh. At least, that’s what it looks like since the skeleton showing for the doors in your screenshot above shows no bones for the pistons.

I suggest reworking your bones into a single skeletal system, and merging your meshes together into a single mesh. That way when you export the animation, you’ll only have one skeletal mesh and one animation fbx to have to manage instead of 7 for each part.