Total immersion and connecting the brain to the internet

I want to start a topic on total immersion and connecting the brain to the internet. Total immersion connecting all the senses to a computer and manipulating all the senses to make it feel like your actually in the game for yourself [like in sword art online] Please don’t make this about the anime]. And connecting the brain to the internet to wirelessly connect to a computer to steam the data.

You need to make TCP_to_brains.dll driver first, and put some wires/electrodes inside brain. You also get same problems like current VR has, but to much bigger degree. If any input to brain senses is mismatched brain decides that you just ate some poisonous mushrooms and tells you to puke. So even if you can simulate perfectly directly to neurons, you need to synchronize everything, give perfect levels of stimulus (and that is different for everybody). I think that deeper we go with immersion all those timings and values need to be matched more precisely, else “zomg mushrooms!” and puke.

That is kind of dead end imo, as you are fighting brain to fool it. Instead better solution would be holodeck, you do not need to fool brain there.

Going the full Matrix route and plugging your brain directly into a computer seems like a terrible idea for anything other than “brain-in-a-jar” cyborgs.

What seems more reasonable is trying to include more and more senses in your “gaming” experiences.

VR is doing that by trying to add proprioception (adding the sense of knowing where your body parts are and how they’re moving into your gaming immersion).

But there are still plenty of senses you could tackle before wiring up your brain directly. Like sensing temperature, sense of touch, smell and taste. Some being easier to do than others.
For example, if you had some sort of full bodysuit interlaced with thousands of tiny heating/cooling elements, you could simulate being cold or warm or sticking your hand into a fire on a cold winter’s night.
Or in a similar way you could have some sort of haptic feedback elements to make it seem like you’re touching something. Which is already in gamepads and steering wheels for racing games, but you could in theory have a whole suit full of tiny ones that could simulate even someone putting a hand on your shoulder.

And of course you will require a lot of processing power to stimulate more and more senses quickly enough for it to be actually immersive and not a jarring and unpleasant reminder that you’re not really there.

With much of the tech-world seemingly preoccupied with slinging-ads and slurping privates this honorable endeavor seems far off.
But be on the look-out for interstellar blueprints for a machine that can transmit consciousness across the universe (Contact-1997).
Once we get that up and running, it should be much easier to build a holodeck or matrix like machine to fully immerse the brain…

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