Total disaster when retargeting, dislocated arms, backup restore don't work

Trying to retarget another character, I made a mistake when selecting the skeleton of the main character. And now the arms seem dislocated, out of place.

I have tried to replace all the files affected by their backup: skeleton, mesh, animations, bp anim, mannequin folder… the problem is that even doing this does not solve it. Something is happening that even with the previous files of the character is still happening.

Any ideas what I should do to restore the character to its original form?

Thank you very much!
have a nice day,

I have made some progress:

  1. I’m trying to use the same Skeleton for all characters that are compatible. Instead of using multiple skeletons losing the shared animations.
  2. By removing the skeleton of the character and replacing it with the clean official UE4 Mannequin, things have started to be fixed.

I’ll keep reporting…