Total Conversion: Otherworld

Let me show you our mod! Otherworld.
Full of mystery and hostile creatures island ARK left behind. It does not matter how you got into this mysterious place called Otherworld. Perhaps, you have died, or tried to escape from the island - in any case, all roads lead to the Otherworld. The only way to try to get out - to survive during all waves, consisting of the most dangerous monsters that lived on the island. Overcome all obstacles on your way and then you will be rewarded in full.

[FONT=Arial Black]Collect craft material to craft weapons, armor and turrets!

[FONT=Arial Black]Kill the creatures on special spawns to get their souls for Chest of Souls!

[FONT=Arial Black]Use Chest of Souls to summon creatures which will help you on the battlefield!

[FONT=Arial Black]Also you can upgrade your weapon and armor

We need your support guys!

A few screenshots for you:)

That cave entrance looks awesome. Looks like a skull to me. Was that intentional?

Why have you deleted the mod/map? It was so fun. Me and my friend were quitting ARK for a bit and then we decided to buy a server again and we tried to load otherworld but it didn’t work. Please turn the mod online again. Why did you even took it offline in the first place?

You can read here about our mods:

Otherworld – Toxic Dog Dev Team – Official Website