Total Conversion - Map?

When cooking a TC and using the default map… do I need to specify a map in the “maps” field on the cooking page? Do I just set it to TheIsland?
“When cooking a TC, you should at least specify TheIsland as a Map to Cook, because various assets are only referenced within that map (Dinos, etc). Even if you haven’t made any changes to TheIsland itself, this will ensure that all assets get “checked” for recooking in the TC. That should do it for you”

and later…

"you don’t have to cook any maps for TC’s anymore (unless you want new maps). It’ll automatically figure out ANY assets changed anywhere regardless of map cooking. Recommend you don’t Cook TheIsland in fact, because by avoiding cooking TheIsland, a TC will take less memory and time to Cook. It’ll still automatically Cook any Changes you made to TheIsland . Cooking in general also takes a lot less memory now anyway "

Seems like it is best not to specify a map. Perhaps the wiki needs an update…?