Total Conversion: How does it work?

Is there an example or tutorial on how to develop and upload a total conversion? Been making a map and custom mods but cant figure out how to upload them all to steam. Been working the past few weeks on this and it’s getting super frustrating.

Clarification: Are you having an error, or just not sure how it should be uploaded?

What error message are you getting when you try to upload it (if you are)?

And are you trying to combine mods in several different mod folders? If so, that won’t work, it all needs to be in one master mod folder, otherwise nothing will get referenced from the other mod folders correctly from my understanding/experience.

I’m not having an error. It all works in the dev kit but when I cook, upload, subscribe, none of it works. I made a map with specially made dinos and other modifications added to it. They are all in a single folder. I need to know how to get them all uploaded together.