Total Conversion Development Process Questions

I haven’t been able to find any good info on making TCs but have a general understanding. I’d just like to confirm some things before jumping in.

  1. Basic design is you make a normal mod folder/files layout in the “mods” folder of ADK and place any custom content in that mod folder. Then select that folder and choose cook as TC and it will bake everything inside that mod folder and the actual game files. Or do you not use a mod folder?

  2. Since making a copy of a file and not renaming it edits both files, would it be a good idea to make copies of all edited files (keeping the file structure) into the mods “mod” folder? The main reason I thought of this is it would make it easier to back up all changed files and protect myself if the ADK gets updated and the files I changed get changed in the update. The other reason is this just seems like a good way to keep track of my progress.

  3. Are there any guides to making/cooking TCs?