Total Conversion cooking time

Is it normal that cooking a total conversion takes about 3-4 hours or more with your cpu running at a limit?

Updating your content and github files will significantly reduce the cook time of a TC

you mean 201.5? if so it does not. still 3.5 hours

Your propably talking about the new 200.6 patch, right?

EDIT: I don’t think I downloaded 200.5 yet, so I’ll try that out now.

201.6 fixes this problem

Yes. 5 min cooking time now with 201.6. Thanks much!

v201.6 (24/08/2015)

Download update here :
And don’t forget to update your binaries:
Update on the epic games launcher will be up soon.

New Features :
Fixed the shaders compiling issue, should now be much faster.