total beginner to Unreal Engine

I’ve decided to pick Unreal Engine up as a hobby/possible dissertation project for my Degree in September. I’m currently following the “Build Your First Level” tutorial and I am just messing around designing stuff and getting to grips with the interface. The main problem I have at the minute is the location of an object, I’m trying to add a wall lamp but I can only move along the “x” axis by intervals of 100. Is there a way to change this or do I just have to type the numbers in manually?


Hey there and welcome to the community. =)

It sounds like you have grid snapping enabled and it’s set to 100 units? In the upper right corner of your viewport you should see a set of icons, the one with the grid and to its right a number. The grid will be highlighted orange whenever grid snapping is enabled, and the number to its right will let you know how many unreal units it will snap along. Generally you’d want to use 5 or 10. Good luck!