Total beginner in need of help - Rebuilding Geometry (50%) makes EU4 go unresponsive

Hi guys,

Totally new to this, and I mean in every way. Ive been watching tutorials online and decided to make a little piece of landscape with some textures on it, a few rocks bushes and trees, and then proceeded to make myself a little log cabin with basic shapes and geometry. I hadnt build it in a while since a tutorial I watched reccomended finish your current piece before building over and over. But now, when it gets to Rebuilding Geometry (50%) after about 6-7 seconds it just goes unresponsive and I dont appear to have any crash files.

Here is a photo of roughly what I have so far. Screenshot - 9b66c9932261f2151b5aebf54a4ce402 - Gyazo

When I relaunch and it does a map check this is what I have. I dont know if this is the issue.

Apologies if this is really stupid or basic, I dont know any of the terminology so I might not understand how to fix this based on the way you word your response :slight_smile:

Appreciate any help!



What is your system setup like?

You have unwrapped your mesh?