Torus Collision Problem (simple "Hot-Wire" Game)

Hello everybody,

currently I am working on a simple Hot-Wire game. Basically you use a torus-ring to follow a wire while not trying to touch the wire, if you touch it the game is over - very simple. So I used the UE Vive sample map and added a torus to the motion-controller, so it is fixed to the motion controls. Then I used a simple capsule-collision to trigger if you touch the wire - so far so good. Now I have the problem that when I enter the wire (Picture 1) the trigger gets fired at the position as seen in Picture 2. It looks like the Torus has a invisible plate fixed to it and every time I want to enter the wire it fires.

How can I fix that? I tried it for hours now -I feel so stupid :slight_smile:


UE4 generates simple, convex collisions for all its meshes. You can change the collision in the meshes asset window. Scroll down to the "collision’ section and change “project defaults” to “use complex as simple”. This is usually fine for meshes that are static in the world, but the engine will error at you when you try to simulate physics on that mesh, among other things.

thanks for the quick feedback, I will try it :slight_smile:

today I tried the suggestion but the problem is still existent :frowning: There must be another solution to this problem. The game still does not recognize the hole inside the torus. In the attached picture you see how the game handles the torus - just for illustration.

it looks like the torus has a invisible boundry (purple rectangle) - could this be the reason?