Torture Cube Prototype! :) Any pointers?

Hello everyone. I’ve put a project together over the last 15 days and figured I’d share it with you. I’m actually only a year into this engine so bare with me.

I’ve created a cube based world with a cube as the player, controlled to flip and move mathematically on the cubed grid with W,A,S,D. If the player holds shift and presses a W,A,S,D key the cube will jump 2 blocks. The player can rotate the camera left or right 90 degrees with Q,E keys. And Z to zoom the camera in and out for look.

The world flips the gravity or at least fakes the illusion…so the world plays on the negative and positive of each axis, so 6 all together. The player roams each area and collects coins as well as makes moves based off of a move counter. Each move takes 1 count, but a Jump takes 3. there are pickups in the world to add more moves to your move count to refrain from failing. If you fall off of the edge or run out of moves you start the level over.

There are also enemy cubes. They activate once the player is close, and they move toward you on a turned based system. Every time the player moves the enemy block will move toward that at the best of there ability. If the enemy block touches the player block it’s also a failure and you must try again. There is a kill tile block for every enemy block that if can be gotten to, will deactivate the enemy for the rest of the level.

For now, the main point of playing is a high score and puzzle attributes. Every coin will be 100 points at the completion of a level as well as moves left will be 10 points. however, If a player fails they lose 20 percent of they’re initial score. Also, any coins obtained after death will be taken away from the player and will not be re spawned upon restart.

that’s about it. :slight_smile: A added a quick backing track just for the purpose of the video and posted it on youtube on my youtube channel for Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials, “Project torture” Feel free to subscribe or watch some videos.

Here is the link:

Id’ appreciate any feedback or criticism, as well as input or ideas for the game. I considered putting it on the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace for a very small price but maybe you all could tell me if it’s worth my time or not.

So please watch and feel free to comment on anything or ask any questions. I hope you all enjoy it. :slight_smile:

I am really enjoying the simplicity of your game. The sounds are fun and quirky, the shifting of axis give me a ‘Fez’ feel too! Keep up the great work and I look forward to the completion of this game.

Thank you Andrew. I’m not sure which direction I’m going, but i appreciate your feedback greatly. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the added Red-Cubes, it was an interesting way to increase the difficulty without modifying the core mechanics of the player. Very nicely done!

Also, I think the music makes it.

Thank you. I actually considered adding turn based rpg elements. Health for the cubes and different tiles to cast elemental magic…different cubes could have different resistance.
I know it sounds odd…I just always wanted to add rpg elements in a unique way. Nothings for certain.

Also I specialize in audio…so thank you. :slight_smile:

I like the concept :smiley: great game design.

Respect and yes :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

I like the lighting inside cubes :slight_smile: very nicely done. I recall playing a genius small game called Bloxorz a long while ago. Was solved in one breath. I even have my highscore written somewhere :slight_smile: You can add second box on top and go bloxorz way but in 3d space. Either way your game may benifit from more complex surfaces where getting into places requires some thinking.