Torrent or Direct Download?

My connection is bad and i mostly have to download at night when others are not using their internet connection. is there any way to get UE4 with torrent or maybe direct links instead of using the launcher?
(i read a bit about building from the source code from github but it seems they’ve removed the zip links even from there and put an auto downloader thing there too instead. no idea why they’re against a simple torrent…)

Because you have to have a registered account with Epic Games in order to accept the EULA before you can have access to the source code. The source code is not Open Source … you merely have FREE access to the source code but you need to accept a EULA.

Having a torrent would completely bypass this requirement and therefore it is not supported.

That’s what private trackers are for.

Anyway it would seem a torrent would do nothing to help in this case. Can you not just run the launcher at night? You’d have to run your torrent at night anyway?

And how are you going to control access to those private trackers? It is not as simple as you state.

download with launcher at night and pause it at day?

The source code you had to clone from github after having an account with epic and accepting EULA etc. before too. the zip files were for dependencies which you had to download and extract in the folder you cloned the source code in. now there’s a batch file that downloads them for you instead of you downloading those zip files directly.
Either way i didn’t mean the torrent just for the source code but for the engine itself as well. why isn’t there an option to download Unreal Engine 4 with torrent instead of the launcher?

The launcher downloads extremely slowly because it doesn’t use simultaneous connections for the download. with a download manager i use 20 connections per file and that’s what gives me my max speed of around 200KB/s. if i don’t use as many connections i get between 4-30KB/s and it will take forever.

I can get UDK with ease and i’m using it now. i just don’t understand why the same is not possible with UE4…

What do you mean? You log in with your Unreal account and you can download? It’s not like either the source nor the binaries are some super secret hidden treasure that needs to be protected at all costs. It’s like you say, so you will have to accept an EULA before you get access. And I’m not suggesting torrents as a way of distribution but it seems like it would not be very hard, technically speaking.

If someone wants to get access to the complete source, and doesn’t want to follow the rules, they have 2 options:

  1. Click ‘agree’, download, violate the EULA.

  2. Get it from someone else. That other person has now violated the EULA, but that’s unimportant. The primary person here now has access to the source code without having agreed to the EULA.

It doesn’t matter which version they go with, they don’t have permission to have or use the code. Nothing has changed at all. The only difference is that under the first version, Unreal has their name. (Or the name they used when they signed up, anyhow.)

So how does a torrent change things here? Under the first one, Unreal wouldn’t necessarily have their name. Everything else is the same for both of them.

I understand wanting to control access to things, but when you’re just handing it out to anyone who asks, it’s kind of silly to get worried about it being a little easier to get.

Instead, I propose a different reason for not torrenting the source: Creating a torrent for every checkin is insane. So then they’d have to figure out which checkins to create torrents for, and of course worry about registering and seeding them, etc etc. It’s a huge hassle for almost no benefit when GitHub does all the heavy lifting for them.

But lets talk about the compiled versions instead, as I think that’s what the OP wanted.

Distributing the compiled version could take some load off Unreal’s servers as well as giving many people faster speeds and more control over their download, neither or which are really needed. However, then Unreal would have to deal with people who didn’t know how to unpack the engine, or put it in the wrong place, or a bunch of other reasons that make it a hassle for Unreal.

So in the end, it is the same result: It doesn’t make sense because it causes a huge hassle (and probable expense) for Unreal for very little benefit.

I’m assuming one of the primary reasons that is absolutely has to go through the launcher is sending data back to Epic Games. This not only helps with the development of the engine, but also gives Epic an ability to look at data should some wayward individual develop a product on UE4, not mention that it is UE4, and try to skip out on royalties.

The main issue is legality, all users need to agree to the license agreement before using the engine.

Download the source and build it. It’s much smaller.

Um, a private tracker for torrent would require the user to log in. If Epic ran the tracker, then it would function the same as Github and the Launcher do now, with the added benefit of BitTorrent’s ability to “fix” bad download spots with a tiny chunk, rather than downloading the whole file again.

Which is mute, as the Launcher itself could function as a private namespace distributed tracker. Wow does this with their launcher and have for the last six years that I know of. This would have prevented me from downloading 7.7gb of the Kite Demo several times today, thanks to one file always failing.

Epic could add an option to turn off sharing, just as WOW does, for corporate situations, and those that have low bandwitdh, though they get filtered out of the network by the correct algorithm anyway.

Why launcher can not download update in background and needs to completely block work with and engine?

Hi all
Torrent download is best one once we put the download whenever we can pause the download and resume it also. In direct download no options is there.

udk must add torrent to unreal we can not download it

There should be a direct link or at least all the files in github, you can only show it after agreeing the EULA.

The EULA could be accepted after the download, when you open UE4.

hi guys i just get the torrent for UE4 here`s he link <REMOVED>

You are not allowed to download the engine without accepting the EULA, which can only be done by downloading from official sources (the launcher or github). Posting links such as this are against the rules of the forums Code of Conduct, and downloading it is against the EULA. Click the links for more information.

For this reason I have removed the link you provided, which by the way was an illegal torrent download of an old version of UE4 from back when the engine required a $19 per month subscription.

I have the same problem with the launcher :mad: