Torque Curve in VehicleMovement (Wheeled Vehicle) does not seem to work at all

UE Editor 4.7.6
New Project with Advanced Vehicle Content

Changing the Torque Curve (in “Mechanical Setup”) does not seem to have any effect on the vehicle (buggy). I also checked “showdebug vehicle”.
Also, the editor does not urge me to compile after changes made to the Torque Curve, which is odd, except for clicking on “Reset to default” - it’s only then that the yellow ?-sign appears on the compile-button.
The other parameters I changed so far (max rpm, gears, …) do work normally.

Might be my fault since I’m new to UE.
Am I missing something?
I tried everything from slight changes to the curve to raging values and more complex curves … (and I compiled, even though UE thought it wasn’t necessary).

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Unrelated to this very issue, but related to strange Editor-behavoir:
There seems to be a bug with the gears. Happened several times already that deleting or adding gears suddenly stopped having an effect.
Then, changing the values of the gears does still work, but even though I have only 1 or even 8 gears in the editor: the buggy drives and shows exactly 5 gears (or any other state that it got “stuck” in).
E.g. the editor says, vehicle has only one gear and I change the setting of that (first and only) gear - after compiling during the test the vehicle still drives with 5 gears, however the first one got changed accordingly!
Project file seems doomed as even a UE restart doesn’t help.

Another thing that might not work properly is Gear Setup > Up Ratio.

The following image No.1 shows the Up Ratio at the first 3 gears set to 1.0. Meaning, the gears will change to the next higher one only when maxRPM is reached (currentRPM/maxRPM = 1).
Well, the buggy is stuck in first gear. That’s not to bad, since 1.0 is an extreme figure, 0.95 works also. But still, maxRPM is reached, so it should work, but that’s ok.

This image No. 2 shows only the first 2 gears set to 1.0. One would imagine, the buggy would also be stuck in the first gear. HOWEVER, the buggy drives fine and reaches all gears from 1-5.

Again, this is a completely fresh project. And again, I might miss something.

What I am trying to achieve, is a car that has a very senstive first gear. Where too much throttle means too much torque and therefor wheelspin.

Hello! Same problem here ! Did you manage to find something ?

I need to bump this old thread, since the problem still here in 4.16, even in 4.17 Preview 1.

Really, two years with this problem and it is “unresolved”? ( Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-21014) )

At least remove the Torque Curve from the Vehicle class then.

Unreal car is a pain in the *** , really, i am a unreal fanboy but make a car game with unreal is a mistake.
If fornite or paragon will use cars probalbly it work fine, but for now they look like an expedient solution and not a unreal product.

Oh well how then will i beable to make a hovercar racing area in my game if unreal engine is useless with making car games?

One solution is to change the default torque values in source files and recompile ue.

It should be stored under \Engine\Source\ThirdParty\PhysX\PhysX_3.4\Include\vehicle\PxVehicleComponents.h

    :     mMOI(1.0f),
        mPeakTorque(500.0f),  <---
        mMaxOmega(600.0f),  <---
    mTorqueCurve.addPair(0.0f, 0.8f);
    mTorqueCurve.addPair(0.33f, 1.0f);
    mTorqueCurve.addPair(1.0f, 0.9f);