Torque Curve Broken

No matter if I set the Torque Curve to 10,000 or 0, it makes no difference on the vehicle. I first noticed it when I started doing time trails in a straight line. I believe the gear ratio may be broken as well, as it seems to always shift at .65.

Thank you, ! Just out of curiosity, it seems the vehicles are in need of a little TLC. Do you know if they will be getting any updates or attention in future updates?

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Thank you for reporting these issues. I’m seeing the same thing on my end so I’ve put a bug report in for both issues. For your reference, the Torque Curve problem is under the number UE-21014 while the Gear Shift one is under UE-21017. To be exact for the Gear Shift one, it seems like the Up Ratios are not working correctly but the rest of the values seem alright. Please let me know if you see any other problems.

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It is a very arduous process but changes are being made. Unfortunately we don’t have a clear update schedule for vehicles but I can say that updates will be coming in the future.

I got the same issue in 4.10. Is there any progress with this Problem? Maybe in 4.11?

Unfortunately there have been no updates to this bug report as of yet. I’ll be sure to update here when there are any updates but I’m unaware of when that may be.

Is there any workaround for this issue?

Currently it seems as though the Up Ratios for the gear shifting do work, but only if you set them all the same value, which is not intended behavior. For the torque however, I don’t see any working functionality.

It seems that the wrong values are cached in the vehicle instance. Try to change the curve in the blueprint and then create a new instance of the vehicle in the scene.

Look like it still doesn’t work in 4.14.3.
I tried with the AdvancedVehicle template but I’m unable to notice any change I make to the torque curve.

BTW for some reason I’m also unable to use the SetGearUp/SetGearDown functions.

I couldn’t help but notice that this issue is open since 11 sept 2015 (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-21014)).
That seems like a very long time and feel a bit confused about it…

It does still seem to be having problems at the moment, but that bug report should have some eyes on it as there is someone assigned to it and it’s still marked as “To Do”.

I can confirm that the torque curve is still broken. No matter what values i insert. Nothing at all changes about the vehicle.

Do you know some other way i can increase acceleration on my vehicle? Because it accelerates extremely slow right now.

One thing that makes a big difference is the amount of mass vs the MOI (moment of inertia). Having a lower moment of intertia can make you accelerate quite a bit faster. You’ll go from 0 to 60 in the same distance but it’ll be less of a build up and happen quicker.

Oh it still broken? Seriously, almost two years?

Dear , no news on this (Torque)???

Not at the moment, unfortunately. Vehicle changes aren’t a major focus at the moment.

Any updates on this? I just wasted two hours of my time trying to get this to work. That’s right. I am a real human being who has just had their time wasted for two hours because you guys can’t even be bothered to REMOVE the option until you’ve fixed it. Don’t get me wrong, Unreal Engine is fantastic a lot of the time, but then you run into hitches like these, and each time, I start thinking more seriously about switching over to Unity or Godot. One of these days it’s going to push me over the edge and I’m going to have to make the switch. It’s the little things like these that add up guys, and it would be really nice if you could get this message through to someone who would actually do something about it because a lot of people (surely more than you see in this comment section) are going to be wasting their time. Just imagine all the kilowatt hours of energy spent powering computers to get absolutely nothing done. It feels even worse than when you go for a drive and end up waiting at each light for a minute straight with no traffic flowing in any direction, because I actually feel like you guys could do something about stuff like this, unlike the idiots we leave in charge of traffic lights, but instead you’re more worried about making whatever features the marketing team thinks will bolster your reputation better instead of fixing the ones that have been broken for YEARS. You know, I bet a bunch of really smart talented guys at the company, the ones that are really pulling the load, could get together and make some really exciting technology that worked well all the way through if they didn’t have some corporate agenda pushing them forward. It’s a shame they’re only in it for the money though and won’t contribute more to FLOSS to have a better product for themselves in the end too. Maybe in a perfect world, but I guess this is truly the best we have. An engine where they leave huge bugs unfixed for over 3 years like it’s not a problem.

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