Torpor Dummy Tutorial

I am frusturated on my ADK unable to compile mods without it crashing (tried everything, so dont worry about it… im used to it since i came from Cod: Waw mod tools :D) BIG THX TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ANSWERED AND CONTINUE TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS IN THE DISCORD, it would have taken longer. Feel free to edit this and release it as your own :smiley: Please tell me if i missed anything :smiley:

1.Copy “camelsaurus_Character_BP” into your mod and open it (you can also rename it aswell)
This will the the base of the dino aka the actual dummy.

  1. To get the torpor dummy model, since I can not upload it due to not being my model, search up “training_dummy” (the one that says (static mesh) when hovering over it). Rightclick on it and choose export. Then go to where you exported it and drag it into your mod’s folder. Click the checkbox next to “Import as Skeletal” (leave the other settings as is).

  2. Go back to the “camelsaurus_Character_BP” and change the Mesh>Skeletal Mesh to your model. Then set “Mobility” to static. You will want to remove the “HUDOverlay Tool Tip Widget” and “Tamed Inventory Component Template” by clicking the x by it. Keep “Can be Tamed” checked as the torpor will not work without it. Make sure “Targeting Ignored by Wild Dinos”, “Targeting Ignore Wild Dinos”, “Wild Ignored by Auto Turrets”, “Prevent Mating”, “Ignore Targeting Live Unridden Dinos”, “Ignore Targeting Carnivores”, “Prevent Uploading”, “Prevent Targeting by Turrets” are checked. Make sure “Uses Gender”, “Allow Riding in Water”, “Can be Ordered”, “Can Have Baby”, “Allow Character Painting”, “Allow Riding”, “Uses Gender”, “Can Run” are unchecked.

  3. Now set “Death Harvest Component” to WoodHarvestComponent to make it so that you will get wood or thatch if you hit its corpse.

  4. We will make our own DinoSettingsClass for the “Dino Settings Class” on “camelsaurus_Character_BP”. Copy “DinoSettings_Herbivore_Medium” to your mod’s folder and rename it. Open it and hit the X next to “Food Effectiveness Multipliers” to make it untameable. You are able to save and close it. Finally go back to “camelsaurus_Character_BP” and use the newly created blueprint on the “Dino Settings Class” setting.

  5. We will now be adding scripts. These scripts will be provided through links and I will tell you which function they belong to. Click on the graph tab and click on Event Graph. On the left, click +Variable 4 times to make the variables used. Change the names and the types of the new variables to this: example: VARNAME/Type; “Torpon2”/“Boolean”; “Damageon2”/“Boolean”; “AutoReset”/“Integer”; “Pause”/“Integer” (EDIT)“TorpOnOff”/“Boolean”; “DamageOnOff”/“Boolean”; “SelectionNum”/“Integer”. In local variables, add: “selectionNum”/“string”; “damageOnOff”/“string”;”torpOnOff”/“string”
    Delete everything before making this (ctrl A Backspace):

  6. Open BlueprintDrawFloatingHUD tab and insert this code: (delete everything before ading the code). Then open BPTry Multi Use and add . Finally, Open BPGet Multi Use Entries and add

  7. Finally we will disable torpor regen. Click on Components tab and then click “DinoCharacterStatus_BP_Camel_C1”. For “Max Status Values”'s Torpidity to 100000002537764290000000000.0 (this will make it as accurate as possible, also its the reason if you hit the dino it will fall asleep immediately), to fix this you will need to experiment and lower it to an appropriate number, but its not necessary. Now search for “torp” in the search box and set every item box between “Recovery Rate Status Value” to (and including) “Dont Use Value” to 0. Finally we will increase the hp to max, aka negatives. For “Max Status Values”'s Health, set it to 9999999848243207300000000000000.0

  8. Now we will add a temporary item to place the dummy where the player wants. (you can save and close “camelsaurus_Character_BP”) Search for “dummy” and copy “Structure_TrainingDummy”, “PrimalItemStructure_TrainingDummy”, and “EngramEntry_TrainingDummy” to your mod and rename them to something familiar to what it used to be. Open what used to be “Structure_TrainingDummy” and change the “Consumes Primal Item” to what used to be “PrimalItemStructure_TrainingDummy”. This will allow it to be placed. Click on graph and add this to* Event Graph*

  9. Close that and open “PrimalItemStructure_TrainingDummy”. Search for “Descriptive Name Base”, “Item Description”, “Item Icon”. Edit those how you like. Now find “Structure to Build” and change it to what used to be “Structure_TrainingDummy”.

i have tried this at point 6. crash the ark dev kit atm, any ideas why?

i have test the tutorial, but at point 6 crash my editor, have you a idea why? :slight_smile:

i try today the tutorial, at the point 6. crash the editor… maybe old scripts?

dont works

sorry i never noticed ur reply :smiley: ill add them to a pastebin just in case the site is corrupting em
Event Graph - - event graph
DrawFloatingHUD - - draw floating hud
GetMultiUse - - GetMultiUse
TryMultiUse - -TryMultiUse
but there shouldn’t be any issues that would crash the kit as long as the variables are set up and everything is connected (the bp online thingy should allow u to see what needs connected)

I apparently forgot 3 variables in part 6, my bad… its now added and should work… message me on discord if it doesnt as i do not go on this site too often. n123q45#0797 thx to LeutianKane for telling me