Torch Animation Statemachine Issues

I am having issues with getting the torch animations to play.

I have a box collision on the torch blueprint and en event begin overlap that attaches it and then sets a bool “TorchPickedUp” to true.

This bool is called from a cast of the Torch_bp within the character_BP, and sets a new variable bool “HasTorch”.
Which is called from the animation blueprint and with it I set a new bool in the anim_BP.

That last bool is the transition rule for the statemachine. Problem is it jsut gives me the error “Accessed None” from the cast when I play, and the transition doesn’t ever happen.

How should I do this, I won’t attach the torch to the character_bp as an component, can’t have every item in the game always on the character hidden, that would be a ridiculous blueprint to examine haha.

I wan’t to do it the way I have tried but I wan’t to knwo why my setup doesn’t transition.

I debugged the blueprints while PIE, and it’s liek the error message says, when it comes to casting the torch_BP it gets “None”, The orange/red visualisation just stops at the cast.

Thanks in beforehand for tips/opinions

I’m bumping this, a bit urgent

I tried redoing it a bit adding an event, but no change.

The pictures are from fter I tried another method, even though it didn’t lead anywhere, but as I described it in words is how I set it up at first, that is without events.

For anyone wit hthis issue, I solved it myself. It’s much more obvious than I first suspected.

In the torch blueprint I casted to Mycharacter and set the “HaveTorch” Bool from MyCharcter to True.
And then when I casted to MyChar into my Anim_BP and got the “HaveTorch” it read it correctly and allowed me to transition.