Topdown Toolkit Update 1.5


its been some time since the last update with features, so here we go :slight_smile:


  • Added **cooldown **for skills.
    If you dont want to have a cooldown, simply set the value to zero.
    • Added a ManaComponent
      Just add the ManaComponent to any Character and the Skills will start to use mana as configured in the skills.
      If a Character using the SkillSystemComponent does not have a ManaComponent assigned, the Skill will be cast without this prerequisite.

    • Factions: Now you can add a FactionComponent to any Character. In the component, you can define an array of Factions that this character has. If any factions between 2 Characters are equal it will be treated as friend. If no factions are equal, or the other character does not have a FactionComponent assigned, it will be treated as enemy.
      Factions can be defined by a EFaction - enum.

    • DecaySensing: This is a property on the enemy. If the enemy looses sight (or hearing) of the player, it will go to the last known location of the player and start searching randomly there. After a given time, he will stop searching.

    • **New **Skills:

      • **BP_PbAoESkill **- Point Blanc Area of Effect. This one demonstrates radial damage with the caster in the center. Please note that no visual effects are included (unfortunately i am a really bad artist)
      • **BP_CallAlly **- Summons an Ally (with its own BehaviourTree) to fight for/with you. He will follow you and attack enemies automatically. Also, there are predefined events to set the Ally to Aggressive/Defensive/Passive, which would just need to be called from a UI.

The update (along with compatibility for 4.9) should be live soon.


Sounds awesome can’t wait for this update.

Thanks @indygoof! Can’t wait for the update :slight_smile:

What is going on with this? It won’t show in my vault and does not seem to be on the marketplace anymore. I paid for this toolkit but now cannot seem to acces it at all.


for which UE Version are you trying to use it?

Just had another look right now, it is showing up in my own vault and i can see it as usual on the marketplace.

This sounds more like a launcher Bug, so probably it would be better to have a report created on answerhub for your issue?

Small Update: seems like other people have similar problems with the launcher, see i.e.


Seems to be randomly showing up fine now, no idea what happened there.

My apologies, was very worried for a moment!