TopDown template - Blueprint interface - NOT WORKING

Hey everyone. I’m recently working on a small game project Diablo-like. And I found out that I cant start and call any event using the BPI system. I’ve tried everything ( from casting to bp to referencing booleans ) nothing works. I’ve tried it on different computers, starting a new project - so it’s not a project bug. I’ve assembled a simple set up - where interface is calling but I can’t receive an event begin in another actor. Can anyone help plz, I can figure it out :frowning:

this is actor 1 with Sphere collision object inside as a root.

this is actor 2 - just a point light

hi @Nessins

Are you sure that your "“on component begin overlap” detect the other actor?

Thank you for your response.

Yep, it works from the call standpoint ( actor 1), but it’s not calling the event itself in actor 2. Whatever you overlap it with a pawn or other actors. I’ve tripled checked that interface is implemented in every blueprint, as well as created a totally new function with a new interface and new actors. I think it’s just not working in a top-down template. I’ll try tomorrow with the third person set up and write about the result, but I’m pretty sure it works. I’m using 4.25.2 and tried it with 4.24.2.

Try making a new actor blueprint call him “bob”, with nothing but the Interface instruction to print Hello
Use another actor and "get actor of class " bob, call the interface.
If bob print hello, the problem is in your pointlight-actor

IT WORKED !!! Bless you, Est_engine. Works with point light also. Thank you for the help.

So as far as I got it - you always need to double-check the actor you are trying to call. Hope that Epic will update the documentation - cause finding the answer for that took me a couple of days.