Topdown Shooter Template

Hi everyone!

Presenting the Topdown Shooter template!


Github Link -

Demo Download Link -!AgMDJgyotPu6kHl_W5XCIYMuOlLF


0-9 - switch weapon
W,S,A,D - move
LMB - shoot
Mouse Wheel - camera height
E - Interact


  1. Gameplay
  • Health, armor, ammo pickups
  • Few monster types including one with ranged abilities
  1. Sample level with persistent state and objectives
  • Restore power to be able use elevator
  • Hijack security terminal to get offices access
  • Override quarantine and escape area using tram
  1. Multiplayer coop
  • Lobby (kind of)
  1. Miscellaneous Features
  • Checkpoint system
  • Save/Load game with ability to play coop!
  • Various elevators and switches
  • Effects class to setup hit sound FX, particle FX and so on.
  • Flexible spawner blueprint - use to spawn a variety of actors while keeping track of what aws already spawned (for save game of course!)
  1. Possible Future Updates *
  • to do

IMPORTANT: The project does not include any sound and particle FX, sorry i am not allowed to sublicense and/or share it.

Getting started

**Prerequisites: **

  • you need Visual Studio 2015 (Community edition is free) installed on your machine, or other platforms tool and compilers to build project binaries.

I. Code Instructions

  1. Follow github link and clone(or download and extract archive) to your TopdownShooterTemplate project folder

II. Asset Instructions

  1. Open UE4 and create new Blueprint Top Down project with Starter Content
  2. Close the editor. Navigate to created project folder
  3. Copy Content folder to your TopdownShooterTemplate location
  4. Download []](!AgMDJgyotPu6kHyyXX7StPKXFRrA) and extract it to your TopdownShooterTemplate location, confirm overwritting
  5. Unfortunatelly you will have to setup all the particles and sound effects since we can’t share proprietary content

III. What’s next

  • It is up to you to maintain code changes and compiling project. To do this just right-click on .uproject file and choose “Generate Visual Studio Solution”,
    then open generated .sln file in Visual Studio and click Build->Build Solution, after it finishes you can start working in editor

note: you will also need to setup aiming animation inside player anim blueprint, you can find one in UE4 Engine\Content\Tutorial\SubEditors\TutorialAssets\Character folder


Demo Download Link -!AgMDJgyotPu6kHl_W5XCIYMuOlLF

Project is compatible with UE 4.13

This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing!


I updated my post with content instructions, should be usable now.

Thank you for sharing and your effort! However it doesn’t work, I followed your instructions exactly, but it keeps freezing at 39% loading.

Why don’t you just zip the whole (working) project folder, so we don’t have to go through the process of copying the content etc.?

And what is the reason we need Visual Studio 2015? An Unreal Engine should work without it, no?

This is more than simple. The code is written in C++ I think and it`s very easy to copy paste the content XD

don’t work, anyone have resolve problem for this project?

Sorry for late answer.

This is a mixed BP/C++ game project, therefore Visual Studio is required to compile the code. The reason is that project uses C++ for implementing core game(our game, not engine) classes, and BP for glueing the rest.

Most(if not all) of this can be done purely with BP, but we choose that way because it gives us the best of two worlds.

Can you be more specific?
Without any details my only guess is that it is related to UBT (build scripts) changes in 4.16, if this is the case this post might be useful

The actual game code shouldn’t be affected by API changes (at least I’m not aware of such breaking changes up to 4.17)

I am thinking about upgrade per request, and 4.19 will be a good candidate when it is released. Anyway I don’t have UE installed at this moment.

I try to load with 4.13, as it is written in the project file, but take error in plugin TDHideableMesh, “don’t found module”, after some error when project is open, weapon is in ground (don’t fire) and animation of character don’t start, in all cases Thank you so much!

I probably did not understand how to copy the folders, the project file must be the one I created or the one in the (I remember, one in made with 4.13)

.uproject file is really simple and basically tells which engine version to use and which modules it has. You can use your .uproject, just copy the “modules” section from provided in uproject file.

As for the file hierarchy, make sure you extracted ‘Content’, ‘Config’ and ‘Source’ folders to the same location as .uproject, don’t forget to generate Visual Studio solution by right-clicking .uproject file, and build the “development editor” configuration from VS.

If this doesn’t help try renaming Plugins folder to something else and regenerate Visual Studio solution & build “development editor” config again.

You may also need to copy/add TopDown_BP template ‘Content’ folder to your project (overwrite should be ok). In editor with existing project you can add this using Add asset menu(can’t remember, big green button in content browser) and choosing “Add feature pack or template” or something like that, it is the same stuff as shown when creating new projects, simply add TopDown blueprint template (it only uses meshes/animations from it)