TopDown Game Blueprint Tips

First off, I’m extremely new to Unreal. I’ve messed a little with GameMaker but it recently became not free anymore. That being said, I figured it was a good idea to do what everyone says and jump right into learning code beyond what I know (HTML) and learn blueprints and game engines widely used.

So I decided for my first game to try to simply make a TopDown game I can run around in. I will look farther into how to make the character interact with things later. Right now I am wondering if anyone can show me easy ways to set up blueprints to make this game. I know Unreal comes with a TopDown template but the character moves to clicks instead of moving to WASD and looking towards the direction the mouse is at. Not to mention the blueprints on that template were even confusing to me just starting out.

If you could just post screenshots of the blueprints and explanations of what they’re doing, that would be great. There aren’t many YouTube videos on this so I was thinking the forums were maybe a faster approach. Thanks!

You can get the “Twin Stick” example if you want WASD movements!

Here is a tutorial serie to get you started:

After that I highly suggest you to look for tutorials and grow your knowledge through learning projects. Small steps by small steps.