TopDown Demo With Replication problem

Hello Guys,

I read many posts about Top Down demo , without a success to obtain a good result to move the remote client character properly.
I tried the following solution to move the top down player, I created a replicated function on server to finally call the “simple move to location”, inside the Player Controller blueprint (see the screenshot)

All seems to be ok when I move the host client side, but when I’m trying to move the remote side, on server side, the character seems jittering and slow the remote side I only see translation movement and slow too.


Uff I missed this post, Does UE4 have client-side prediction built in? - Multiplayer & Networking - Epic Developer Community Forums

And this phrase: "SimpleMoveToLocation was never intended to be used in a network environment. It’s simple after all :wink: Currently there’s no dedicated engine way of making player pawn follow a path. "

However now I’m cheking this way: