Top window border issue

Im used to switching tabs like this - just slide mouse up, and click somewhere so it quickly opens the tab i need.
Unfortunately with UE4 that is not the case, i have to LOOK at it and be precise, because top row of pixels is not
overlayed by tabs, so you cant click on tab if the mouse is in top of the window.
This is really annoying and counter intuitive, please could you add and option for tabs to go all the way up?

Hi samb,

Do you mind expounding on your issue a bit? I am looking at my instance of the editor and I’m not sure what you mean by top row of pixels. Do you mean the very tip top of the page where there cursor can’t go any higher? Does this only occur when you have the editor in windowed mode and not full screen?

Hey thanks for answering, in fullscreen its even worse

and i am absolutely sure that the tabs should fill all the space up. This way user can do blind switching
without need to invest brain processing power, to look at tabs and precision click. Open Google Chrome, its done this way,
mozilla firefox, dunno about IE but i would be amazed they did it properly. Im pretty sure i have my point, its not mandatory,
but it is something relatively easy to improve.

Yeah, that is puzzling, it sounds like you’re seeing the opposite of what I do.

Here is fullscreen: 794e0c19453c6d00e09983312e798d0089c14a66.jpeg The tabs have no gap and the cursor goes all the way to the top. Mouseover text shows the whole time.

Here is windowed mode: b7e971c74b47aa293702045a2be75f6495ae9376.jpeg Tabs have a small gap between top of tab and top of editor window.

What version of the editor are you working with? Could this be something with your monitor resolution?

Lol. 4.7.3, 1920*1200.
But please pay attention to what i mean, because you are derailing the thread now.
Flipped fullscreen/windowed is whatever, i dont care about it, i created new project and that is fixed (must be some leftovers since project was created in 4.6, but again, WHATEVER)

My main issue is that in fullscreen, despite them visually filling all the space, if you move your mouse to the very top of the screen, you cant click on tab.
It just goes into this vertical arrow mode (like resize window) and clicks do nothing. Please test it if you have similar problem.

Hi samb,

We are only trying to find a way to reproduce your issue. I’d like to know what version of Windows that you are on and if you’re using any window manager utilities.

We seem to be getting the behavior that you’re looking for on our end. This is what we are seeing with Windows 7:

Matt W.

PS - this is on a 1920x1200 display

Matt following your “if you’re using any window manager utilities” advice i found it.
It seems that the problem comes from

which is a must have utility for windows 8 users, if you set window border to 0 you get this result, i changed it to 1 and it fixed the issue, thank you!
As MANY users of win8.1 use border changer because of how big of issue it is in win8 i would recommend adding this to troubleshooting section of ue4 faq.
Thank you!