Top view game using 2D sprites, flips my player when going left


I’m new to creating games so probably I don’t see my mistake, but maybe someone could help me?
So, I was fallowing a tutorial for 2.5D game, and after I set up player I decided to try make it into top view game.

I used 2D sprites, simple WASD movement and controller rotator flipping Z axis 180 when my character goes left. This worked in “3D” view, however when I rotated camera and sprite to face towards up direction in viewport, this rotator didn’t work how I intended.

This is how it looks in viewport:

Everything is in Player_BP. So right now right/up/down works as intended. However when I go left it flips my character upside down like that:

If I remove rotation, then sprite isn’t flipped upside down, but it is neither flipped to the left, without rotator it looks like he is walking backwards.

Movement system:

Controller rotation:


I would appreciate help or ideas, because I rly want to try making top down view game and I can’t find any information about it. Because in the tutorials that I do find, they use sprites for top down view games with multiple directions and then implementation is different then what I have. Is it possible to make it work with this system that I have or something similar?

I guess I solved it. I tried many things so can’t remember for sure which steps were necessary So what I did was:

  1. Manually edited pivot points of every sprite to make them in a centre of the character.
  2. Moved collision boxes of attacks under sprite root, so they would turn together with sprite.
  3. And instead of using control rotator, I just used “set relative scale 3D” on my sprite.