Top-Heavy Vehicle

this is not relay a coding question more less of a engineering question. I’ve got a top heavy vehicle, and it seems to tip a lot.

How could I set it up so it doesn’t tip with out slowing it down?

Did you import the entire mesh as the physics body for the vehicle animation?

When I have this problem, I just import a simplified physics body with a low center of gravity – just a single long-bar chassis and wheels . Then in BP, I add the rest of the meshes. The chassis gets the weight, while the rest do not.

I’ve done this with buses and firetrucks. They can still tip though.

Another idea is to up their weight. Make the steering less responsive.

And also, there is a way to dampen rotation. But I would be very hesitant to do this.

Finally, do you have physics materials on the roads and wheels? I’ve had cars roll over in a high speed turn from too much (lots of) grip.

Hi Tic-toc26

If you are using the PhysX vehicles, I recommend adding anti-roll bars to your car. Take a look at this tutorial

Hope it helps

Awesome! I will definitely use this. Thank you!

Roll out!

Lower the center of gravity.

Thanks everyone for the help lowering the center of gravity seems to work, I’ll have too look more in to the anti roll bars, as that would likely be useful to.