Top features I'd love to have

Hey everyone

Unreal Engine is super awesome
I’d love to share some of my thoughts to improve this master piece

1_ Since we have (W, E, R) keys to scroll through Move, Rotate and Scale tool, there is no need for the space bar to do that any more
I suggest moving space bar hot key to something more useful such as replacing it with the (Ctrl + P) hotkey that summons asset search anywhere in the project
that would be super fancy

2_ Tree view in persona for bones really don’t do much for complex rigs

It would be nice to have better view for the bones or the ability to select them in the view port

something like this is for humanoid rigs

3_ Plugin based :
In future we will have some features that replace old ones like Niagara/Cascade
and sure the engine should load cascade created assets but to make everything cleaner and reduce the size of the package a bit include cascade as a plugin

and official plugins don’t have to be downloaded with the engine
what I mean is to make the engine modular so that you can exclude/include features the way you like

have a great day :smiley:

  1. I think the spacebar should remain the same, it has been like that forever and would incredibly frustrating if it defaulted to something else. I use that feature constantly, and I am going to guess that I am not alone.

You can always change this yourself with:
Edit -> Editor Pref -> Keyboard Prefs

  1. The engine is already plugin modular at the engine level.
    Window -> Plugins

I like that I don’t need to constantly search for what packages I need to make something happen. I can always tween down the engine later when I am ready for production. I hate programming, and constantly searching for what libraries I need to add.

I can see what you’re saying here, but as The Britain said, space bar to swap between transform tools has been a part of Unreal Engine for a long time. Maybe some day it will be phased out, but since WER controls in UE4 are relatively new, I don’t see the space bar functionality being replaced anytime soon. Also, as The Britain said, you can change the functionality manually.

I’ve reached out to one of our Persona Engineers about this. I couldn’t find any active feature requests, but I figured I might just be searching for the wrong thing. I’ll let you know

I’m not sure how much traction this would get because it would cause fragmentation among our user base. Let alone the support nightmare of always figuring out which official sub-editor plugins somebody has enabled/disabled. I might let somebody else chime in on this with a more official answer.

Thanks for the feature requests and feel free to submit more. We try to get around to all of them. :slight_smile:

Increasing the modularity of the engine is certainly a long term goal, especially as regards to reducing the size and interdependency of some of the massive monolithic modules like Engine and UnrealEd. Niagara is being developed as a separate module to Engine, although it is not currently a plugin, and I’m hopeful we’ll eventually move our built-in animation system and things like Cascade out to separate modules eventually as well, but there are no concrete plans for any one system.

Michael Noland

To clarify RE: Matt’s concerns, the plan would most likely be that everything is enabled/compiled-in by default, but there would be an easy way to cleave off particular systems and rebuild the engine/editor without say, Landscape or Cascade support if you know your project doesn’t need them. Plugins are the easiest where possible, but that’s just not viable for some systems such as ICU or PhysX, where a recompile of the engine would be necessary.

There are a lot of details to be ironed out, not least of which is the compatibility matrix / testing combinatorial explosion (even with a paltry 8 toggles, you’ve got 256 combinations to test). Systems that work thru a true interface are a lot easier in this regard, but things that are core to the engine are not all like that.

Michael Noland