Top down WASD to point and click.


So ive not used UE4 for over a year so i have kinda forgotten the tips and tricks. Its all coming back but theres one thing bugging me that i can not figure out.
When i stopped using this i left my top down project uncompleted. My top down had WASD movement and id like to reverse it back to click to move. Any good ideas?. Yes i could migrate the whole thing but it would seem easier just to change imput if possible.

point and click movement is pretty simple overall but its implementation depends on your game. generally the way i would handle it is to first add a nave mesh bounds to your level, then for the actual movement script you simply on mouse click get the mouse location projected in the world then use a move to (simple or aiMoveTo will work). for the mouse location you could use “get hit result under cursor” which will do the hard work of completing the trace into the world, its available as long as you have a player controller reference (or are in the pc).

Ah it was that simply. I was really overthinking this with my complex system . Thanks!