Top Down View Character doesn't back up, when pressing S. Instead spins in circles

My character has a top down camera view and unfortunately when backing up he just rotates infinitely instead of backing up. I’m not sure how I can fix this since I made the character face forward at all times by using a forward faced arrow when you hold down W. Any suggestions? I’ve included the BP, Arrow and a video demonstrating the issue

Movement Input off the direction of the Arrow its facing

Arrow faces forward

Here is a video example

Are the arrows connected to the collision capsule in the component hierarchy? The need to be.

i Have it setup like this.
So even moving it to be in the hierarchy of the capsule component it doesn’t let me move backwards. Hm…

Yes, strange, it all looks fine.

Have you tried making the arrow visible at runtime ? ( just a check )

Got it working! I deleted that arrow as something was wrong, you were right, and used an inherited arrow component. Now it correctly works and is under the collision