Top Down Vehicle Simulator

Hello Everyone,

I’m making a top-down twin-stick shooter for Consoles, PC, and Mobile devices that’s a little bit like the old Grand Theft Auto games.
I’ve browsed through the Marketplace and haven’t found anything like this so here’s my request…

Simple Request:

  • Simple driving system made using Blueprints that are easy-to-update things like speed, tracking, turning radius, etc…
  • Example Map with 3 very different vehicles such as a Truck, Car, and Motorcycle. This Example Map should demonstrate how the vehicles do on mountainous landscapes and jumps.
  • Driving into walls damages both the vehicle and those inside the vehicle.

Advanced Request:

  • Controller Controls: I’d like the left analog stick to control both speed and direction, leaving the right analog stick free for aiming.
  • If your car is driving in one direction and you flick the left analog stick the other way, the vehicle skids a 180 as best it can, sometimes skidding into walls as it tries to change direction.
  • Multiplayer support: Occupying vehicles with more than one player.
    • Player teleports to inside the closest vehicle by pressing the “get in vehicle” button.
    • No animations for getting in or out of vehicles to speed things up.
    • If you’re suddenly alone in a vehicle, you become the driver.
      Note that for top-down to function properly the camera angle should determine the inputs, not the pawn’s current rotation.

Extras that aren’t necessary…

  • Vehicles can skid, leaving behind trails of burnt rubber if toggled on. No skid marks in the air obviously.
  • Include a Speed Boat to the system.

Am I missing anything important?

is it just simulator or will it contain some weapons,ai etc? or driving system

I only need a system for the driving and vehicles from top down perspective.

There are at least 3 different Top Down shooter kits on the marketplace and I own all of them.
As of right now I can’t find any driving systems that are for top down view as I described above.