Top Down/Twin Stick Shooter Project - Blueprints ( comes with tutorials :D )

Hello and welcome to my thread.
This is the first one I have even made in the UE forums and I am pretty new to UE4 (since the begining of August).
In this thread I want to show you my progress on making a Top Down/Twin Stick Shooter.

Things you need to know about this walkthrough :

  1. The project is made from different tutorials and some of my tinkering
  2. I am making the project based on the blueprint top down template
  3. Don’t expect constant updates on this thread since school is around the corner and I ain’t a genius
  4. If you have a suggestion, please leave a post/reply

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Part 1 The starting point!!

Let’s start this thing :smiley:

**When in your UE4 launcher, start the editor and make a new project from a template. In this case the the Blueprint Top Down Template. I’ll be making it with the starter kit content.


If you haven’t used or seen this template. It’s basically your character will move where you click your mouse on the floor (he won’t move if you click on a surface he can’t go to or is too close)
Now all we will be doing is dissembling the controller blueprint and assembling it to what we need it to do.

**Since the template already provides us with everything except the the projectile. It’ll be less time consuming. For the projectile are two ways to make it. You can make your own using this tutorial - YouTube or just copy the projectile from the FPS template like I did. If now have your projectile place/paste it in your Blueprints folder where your controller and game blueprint reside.
You can modify your projectile how you want. I recommend that you restrict your Z movement or amp uo the velocity in the projectile movement component (if you have copied from the FPS template it should only say Projectile) under the Components tab of blueprint, because we want the target to spawn at a sertain Z value and keep that value till it hits something. After that compile and save the blueprint and save your project.

**#3 Taking out the trash (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
**Now we’ll move onto modifying the controller blueprint (note: I say modify because a small part of the blueprint we’ll still use).
Go to MyController blueprint and go to it’s graph.

**In this picture below the areas with Red around them are going to be deleted.



[SIZE=3]**Now since it saves dozens of space in this post i’ll just put up 3 pictures that show the whole graph, how to look and shoot towards where the mouse points.




[SIZE=5]If you’ve finished the Character rotation part of the blueprint, compile and save everything[/SIZE]



**[SIZE=5] If you’ve finished the Projectile Spawning part of the blueprint, compile and save everything

[/SIZE]**[SIZE=3]**Test it if it works and tweak it what you want. If you have some problems or suggestions leave a reply/post.

can u add a video showing what will be the output of this blueprint?

This project dead?