Top Down Template Input Doesn't Work

Hello people :slight_smile:
I have problem with topdown template.In character blueprint class mouse events and keyboards event doesn’t work.I tried left mouse button → Print String – It is not working i looked everywhere block input is disabled, everything is fine.If i put keyboard events or mouse events to the topdown controller it works.But i must put mouse event to character blueprint. But it doesn’t respond. Do you have guys any idea ? I tried same in Third Person Template its working.But not working in Top Down what is the wrong thing in Top Down template ?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure because I can’t currently open the template and I don’t know it by heart…

Are you sure your character is possessed by the player controller or is it controlled by an AI controller.

Only pawns that are possessed by the player controller can receive input from that player.

Are you using simply a Left Mouse Button input in your blueprint? Try setting an input option in the Project Settings and assign LMB to it.

I haven’t worked with topdown projects though, idk, maybe there’s some kind of override for mouse buttons.

In TopDown Controller it only uses player controller.Im not really sure i couldn’t understand is it using ai or not.I couldn’t see any ai controller in it.I also used LMB and didn’t work again.If you can open TopDown Template and look whats wrong and if you tell me how to solve it, i will be greatfull :slight_smile:

If you can open Top Down Template can you look for the solution please thank you :slight_smile:

I checked it and I wrote you an answer.

In the TopDownController there is an event called InputActionSetDestination().

Remove (uncheck) “Consume Input” from there and it works.

it worked thanks you :slight_smile:

you should mark your question as answered then