Top Down Template Dependent on Mouse(while using Xbox Controller)

Hi! Beginner query: The First, Third Person and Twin Stick Shooter Templates all work seamlessly with the Xbox Controller.

However, the Top Down Template uses the mouse to set a target, then right trigger on the controller sends the character to that point.

I realise that this template has a specific controller script(blueprint) that the others seem not to have, which leads me to believe this is *designed *behaviour.

Is there some fix I am missing to make this template fully controller dependent?

To be honest, I am at a loss to see why the template was designed this way as Ruiner, Nex Machina and other top down titles donĀ“t rely on the mouse when the controller is plugged in.

There must be some wisdom that eludes my inexperience, or there is a setting I am missing.

Thanks kindly in advance.

Just giving this a gentle bump, i know this stuff gets lost in the shuffle, hope all have started their weeks nicely:D