Top-down template character doesn't respond to keyboard events?

Hi all. I’m a modeller/graphics person that just recently started learning Unreal and have gone through a myriad of written and video tutorials trying to get my bearings, and it mostly makes sense so far. Yay!

Except one thing. I’m adapting the things I find to the top-down template, since I know that’s the type of project I ultimately want to create, but I cannot seem to get any keyboard events to cause the desired effects in this provided template.

I followed this walkthrough on adding keyboard-triggered events to the level blueprint so that you can possess different characters by pressing a number:

Also, this lengthy one on adding the keyboard events to the character blueprint that trigger both a change in the character’s material color and a change in the HUD graphic displayed:

Both of these were written with the sidescroller template in mind, and the first one definitely does work on the sidescroller template. They do not work on the top-down template UNLESS I change the Player Controller Class within the game mode to a blank file. (Renamed copies of the existing Player Controller blueprint don’t do the trick - it has to be new and empty.) So, I can only get the keyboard events to occur by losing the character’s navigation instructions. That’s…not really ideal. But it’s nice to know they can actually occur!

I did try recreating the navigation controls within the new blank blueprint while troubleshooting the first tutorial and got both things to work (navigation and character switching), but only for a short time. Eventually it quit, and I’m not sure why.

Thanks in advance! I hope I’m overlooking something obvious, and I really appreciate any insight!

Can you post Screenshots of your Blueprints. It will help to see if your missing something.

DevilsD, I can, sure. The first walkthrough I posted really only adds a little bit to an existing template, in the level blueprint:

As I’ve added it to the top-down level blueprint:

As I’ve added it to the sidescroller level blueprint:

I’ve attempted it multiple times on otherwise unaltered templates. (Well, aside from dragging two more instances of the character into the level.) In the sidescroller it works as advertised - the characters move and can be switched between by pressing the number keys. In the top-down, no switching occurs.


Thats an easy one if you know where to look :wink:

Go into the TopDownController blueprint, to the Class Defaults. Scroll down and disable the checkbox “Block Input”, so that your Level Blueprint actually gets the Input forwarded.

Have fun!


, I will be constructing your monument shortly. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

wow this had me stuck for hours, thank you indygoof!

amazing that none of the tutorial videos explained this critical concept