Top Down Tank Template?

Just a small project i was working on wonder if any one would be interested in it as template?

Things left to do if enough interest.

Finish the tanks movement off
Auto Firing AA
Weapon Upgrades
Demo Level

Any ideas please post…084b7e564d.gif

yes, but no need to restrict top down,

Ok so I am interested in this.

So I have some suggestions for your product

  1. Make use of components.
  2. Comment the various blueprints and components.
  3. Make it so that the main gun can move up and down.
  4. Do not restrict it to top down.

Hi, the main gun can currently already move up and down, what type of camera views would you like to see thanks.

Ok awesome!

I would really like to see - a Basic 3rd person and First person.

Seeing the tank uses no animations at all its all bone controlled, it possible to cover any camera view.

A tank template would be very welcomed, thank you. Especially with multiplayer ability.

Thanks for the feedback guys, ill get onto our 3d artist to start working on a demo level.

Hey Any news on this?

Hi, I hope to get some free time soon to finish this off so it can be released, this time of year is busy for me plus most of my time goes into my project.