Top down tank movement! Help!

Hello everyone. My team member is working with a tank system. We have a problem with movement of tank.

So, tank is separated on two meshes (case and turret). We have done control of turret with mouse and case with keyboard. Problem is that the case of tank is not rotated in the direction of movement. It stays always in the same direction. Is there any possible how to control direction of case through movement? It would be great if you can help us.


Can you tell us what you have tried (or show us the relevant part of your blueprint)?

Hey. We have resolved the problem right now, but we got other small problem. We need to rotate the mesh 180 inside BP, what the node is for that?

If you need it rotated by default you can do that in the viewport window.

If you need it rotated at runtime you can probably do something like this.

Thanks for help Shohei! Problem is resolved!

Hey man, I have similar problem. Can you please show us how did you make the tank and the turret rotate in a different ways but stay together?