Top down tank and turret rotations

Hello guys! I’ve been working on my project for a while and currently facing one trouble. Cannot find the answer I need anywhere.

In my top down game you must be able to control the tank (not exactly the tank, more like a different thing I made in blender, but let’s call it a tank) by keyboard buttons, and the tank also has a rotating turret on a top, wich can be rotated and can shoot by using the mouse. I made a wheeled vehicle BP for a tank without a tower and another character blueprint for a tower. Wheeled vehicle is working fine, and the turret works too - it rotates to mouse cursor, shooting, has camera zoom etc. Basically, they are working fine separately.

And now I have no idea how to combine them to work together. I need the player to be able to control the vehicle via keyboard and the turret to shoot and rotate independently while being on the top of the vehicle by using the mouse.
I have also tried to make others different blueprint classes for the objects i need to combine.

I believe you’re going to want to attach the turret to the body of the vehicle via socket.

This post explains it better than I can; hopefully it’s what you’re looking for.