Top-Down shooter with instadeath, destructible environment, patrolling AI and basic dismemberment


I’m prototyping a game which is a mix between Hotline Miami, Crimsonland and Nation Red and I thought that it may be of interest for someone else.

Basic features I’ll have:

-Top-down perspective with keyboard+mouse controls.
-Projectile based shooting and melee attacks.
-Projectile collisions generate particles that can be used to generate blood splatters.
-Throwing guns stun enemies.
-Dead bodies can generate blood pools or marks.
-Melee and ranged enemies.
-They can guard a fixed place or patrol through waypoints.
-Survival mode.
-Basic destruction to things like glass or doors.

Stuff I have on my to-do list for the future:

-Basic dismemberment through bone hiding (for headshots and so on).
-Basic multiplayer functionality.
-You can stomp on enemies’ heads when they’re on the floor.
-Full gamepad compatibility.

Let me know what you think, I plan on releasing it inexpensive at first until I add more meat to it.