Top-down shooter to third person shooter in Unreal Engine 3/Unreal Development Kit

Do you know how to turn top-down shooter into third person shooter in ue3/udk?

So what should I do if maps while opening any of them are closing udk editor automatically?

did you compile the scripts and all of that?

Well I want to try it with jazz jackrabbit ios kismet demo tutorial,but udk editor keeps closing automatically when I’m trying to load one of three maps.

The map is probably broken or corrupt somehow. There probably isn’t anything anyone can do. You can try re-downloading the files, but that’s probably all you can do. Maybe you can check in the logs to see if there’s any hint there as to what went wrong.

Did this issue only start after you tried following the camera guide above? Or is this crash completely unrelated?

It happened only in older versions of udk editor. I can run/open maps with no problems in the latest version.