Top down shooter like Babo

Babo Violent 2 Gameplay - YouTube - gameplay to understand what im trying to replicate.

I created a character class which has a ball and a random shape to identify the front of the character. The ball is on a spring arm so not to rotate with the front identifier. the camera is also on a spring arm for the same reason.

I have a controller class which has WASD input movement and also make the character face the mouse cursor.

Theres also a HUD class to use custom crosshair and basic game mode that tells it to use my HUD, character and controller.

So i almost have everything i want right thereā€¦but the ball doesnt roll! if i go into the character class and say on input of WASD add relative rotation it wont work. if i use another key so long as its not WASD then it works.
I assume this problem is because WASD is being used in the controller but i dont know how to rotate the ball within the character from the controller.

Screenshot by Lightshot - BP_Controller
Screenshot by Lightshot - BP_Character
Screenshot by Lightshot - BP_HUD